Together we can make Brookhaven better.

“Together, we can deliver the promise of Brookhaven — this is why I am running for mayor. For the past three years, others have had the opportunity to address the exact same challenges we are still facing today. We must get back to the basics and fulfill the promise of tax relief, better parks, more greenspace and an open and honest government.”

As Mayor, I pledge to…


Brookhaven’s city budget is on track to more than double in six years, meaning twice as many of our tax dollars are being spent.

Part of the reason we incorporated was to be better stewards of taxpayer dollars and reduce the rate of government spending growth. While the city council has cut the millage rate, overall tax revenues and spending have continued to climb.

Real property tax relief requires not just incremental rollbacks of the millage rate from year-to-year, but real work being put into limiting the growth of our local government spending.

As Mayor, I’ll propose an increase in the homestead exemption, and additional tax cuts for seniors, to ensure permanent property tax relief for homeowners. I’ll also work to rein-in government spending to ensure that lower property taxes are sustainable in the future.


After listening to my neighbors at the door, I’ve been hearing that there is angst about the future of Brookhaven as higher density developments encroach on our lives with increased traffic and the potential for overpopulation of our schools.

In many cases, these high density developments comply with our comprehensive plan, which is a critical factor in zoning decisions. Unchecked, however, Brookhaven could become unlivable in a very short period of time. Therefore, the City should:

  1. Invoke at least a 6-month moratorium on rezoning applications that increase density. (There is precedent for this action in Sandy Springs and Atlanta.)
  2. Create a steering committee of the brightest and most committed citizens for each character area in the comprehensive plan. This steering committee would work with the citizens to create a plan that reflects the direction we want to go in their area.
  3. Direct the zoning ordinance re-codification committee to reflect the results of the new comprehensive plan into our zoning ordinance.

It’s time for Brookhaven to focus on what matters most, the effective and efficient delivery of services to residents.

We must focus on the core functions of our city. If elected, I will cut government waste and block unnecessary taxes such as the TAD proposed last year.


We must strengthen our parks, protect our greenspace, and create a Brookhaven Beltline.

The quality of our parks will be one of my top priorities. We must also ensure that residents are able to enjoy greenspace within our city before all of it is developed. If elected, I would expand our parks while protecting much of our greenspace for future generations.

I would also spearhead a Brookhaven Beltline that would connect our city with the Atlanta Beltline and permanently create a more walkable, bikeable Brookhaven.


We’ve all read the bad headlines. Trust has been broken in Brookhaven.

Since 2013, our City Council has met secretly over 100 times. Our state’s Attorney General ruled that our city government improperly met behind closed doors.

As a former Chairman of the DeKalb County Board of Ethics, I understand what it takes to clean up government. Secret meetings do not create a relationship of trust between residents and our city. If elected Mayor, one of my first acts would be to dramatically curtail meetings not open to the public. I would also create more avenues for citizen input and hold monthly townhalls. Furthermore, I will prohibit my campaign consultants from being considered for city contracts. Only when we truly engage our citizenry will we have a responsive city.

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